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  Special graphic of students of MGHPU, branch Design:



Studyind of natural forms:

The task of transformation of natural forms in
industrial products includes studying objects of flora and fauna and the analysis of their structure, mechanics, plastics and functionality
Natural organisms have a full set of versions of forms, textures and colorings for their
careful studying
Transformations of object in different styles:
The purpose of the given methodic work for students designers MGHPU of a name of Stroganova S.G. which co-author is the Senior lecturer of faculty of the Academic drawing Voronezhtsev S.V. - to expand sphere of esthetic competence of students.To form their spatial and design thinking, to attach students to the general graphic and design culture, to put in bases of the graphic literacy allowing at a high technical performing level artly to speak by graphic language the most essential design information.The methodic work is focused on the methods of teaching accepted on faculty of industrial design MGHPU of a name of Stroganova S.G.



Drawing of industrial objects :

In the given task the student, having taken for a basis any household subject, must to draw it in figurative treatment of different styles of architecture and art (a gothic style, a modernist style, surrealism, etc.)
At drawing of industrial samples was put to task graphically variously to show formation industrial objects
Transformation of a structure grid:
Structures, texctures of objects:
In this task "extrusion" of a plane was executed by geometrical bodies (a cube, a cone, a sphere, etc.) various size and dividing of a grid are proportional to deformations of objects
In the given task the student has an opportunity graphic means to transfer various structures
Style transformations of a plaster head:


Into a task of transformation of a plaster head enters variously to show given object in different styles (vegetative elements, a constructive grid,
sections, etc.)
Some works of special graphic of students of branch " Design " MGHPU of a name of Stroganova S.G. are presented here

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