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  In a basis of our preparation of drawing lays the unique school "Stroganovsky drawing" , developed in last 30 years in our HIGH SCHOOL . The main thing in a method of teaching to draw is studying constructive-three-dimensional structure of objects with understanding of geometrism and prospect in drawing, so necessary for graduates of
HIGH SCHOOL of art-industrial
structure. Drawing training
  are spent on Wednesdays and Fridays from 17.30 till 20.30, from September, 1st till July, 1st. Payment is contractual, monthly. Studying includes drawing: 1) Geometrical bodies; 2) Bodies of rotation (a vase, an amphora); 3) Capitals; 4) Parts of the person, a skull; 5) Ekorshe heads, obrubovka of head; 6) the Plaster head (antique, Roman); 7) Parts of a body (legs, brushes); 8) the Torso ekorshe (plaster); 9) Plaster figures; 10) the Torso of the model; 11) Figures of the model. Training of painting are spent on Thursdays from 17.30 till 20.30, from November, 1st till July, 1 st. Payment is contractual, monthly. On painting training pupils are trained to represent the subject environment (a still-life from fruit, utensils and draperies) in technics distemper and gouache, studying technics of a water color is possible.

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